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Saturn is the second largest planet on earth.
Saturns rings are made out of bits of ice dust and rock.
You cant stand on Saturn,because it has a lot of gases and it also has a lot of helium.
Saturns mass is 568 319 000 000 000 000 billion kg (95.16 x Earth)
Saturn was the Roman name for Cronus, the lord of the Titans in Greek mythology

Did you know that Saturn has 62 moons.

Saturn's surface temperature is -139 degree C. 

Why Saturn has rings?          AlexandruEdit

the planet aqumulated dust, particals and ice from its close surface. most of it items got trapped by gravity. but then all the dust, particals and ice appear as rings because of its wavelengths reflected by the rings of debris.   

How was Saturn made?             AlexEdit

 In space materials(IDK) clumped together. Small particles drew together, bound by force of gravity, into larger particles. Asteroids and Meteors were formed together. Then gases like hydrogen, helium and methane came and that is how Saturn was made. Edit

Why is cold on Saturn?                 AlexandruEdit

The reason it is so cold on Saturn is because it is far away from the sun. it is 1,426,666,422 km. There is not much light on Saturn also. BONUS!!!! did you know that you cant see the ring of Saturn from the back?the reason why is beacuse the sun is not making the ice and dust not look like a ring anymore. If you look at the picture you will se that there are no rings in the back. 

Saturn and its moons.              AlexEdit

Saturn has 62 moons FTW heres a list of some of them.

1. Titan 2. Telesto 3. Tarvos 4. Tethys 5. Dione 6. Helene 7. Rhea 8. Pan 9. Atlas 10. Calypso 11. Pandora 12. Janus 13. Narvi 14. Suttung 15. Iapetus 16. Mimas 17. Paaliaq 18. Thrym 19. Phoebe 20. Skathi etc.

What is inside saturn               AlexandruEdit

the top layer is hydrogen,heilium metheneand smmonie. The second layer is molecular hydrogen. The third layer is liquid and metallic hydrogen. the forth layer is the core, hot silicate rock. and some of t is solid.

All About Saturn (Solar System) - Videojug        AlexandruEdit

that is a link to a video that is going to be telling you info about Saturn it is only 3.38 min.


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